Why did I receive the same coffee twice?



When setting up a subscription order, you can decide the best way for us to select your next coffee. Here are your options:

Yes! I'd like your recommendation 

Not sure what coffee you fancy or want us to pick the best beans perfectly suited to your brew kit? If you opt for ‘Recommended’ then Will, our Head of Coffee, will carefully select the coffee that’s best-suited to your brew method.

This does mean that you could get the same coffee a couple of times in a row - by keeping our menu small, we can ensure our coffees are always fresh. Similarly, when you dislike a coffee in your account because we offer only one best-suited coffee per brew method, you may still keep receiving the same coffee, though you can always choose to manually ‘Change coffee’ at any time if you fancy shaking things up!

No thanks, I'd prefer a random pick

Our menu is constantly updating, which means some coffees will only be around for as little as 2 weeks! If you're after variety, select 'Random' and we'll make sure to send you a different coffee each time.  

It also means if you have disliked one of our coffees in the past, we'll make sure we'll never send you those beans again!

Fancy a change?

To amend this setting in your account, all you need to do is select 'Details' on any active order, then click 'Change Preferences', and scroll down to find the "Would you like us to recommend coffees based on your brew method?" option. If you'd like to receive our recommendation, make sure 'yes' is selected, if not, for a random pick select 'no'.

Just remember, you can opt to change your next coffee anytime in your account up until the day of your next delivery. Happy brewing!



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