Damn Fine Coffee


Look out supermarket coffee, we're coming for you!

We don’t really like supermarket coffee. We don’t like the way it tastes and we don’t like the way it’s sourced. That’s the whole reason we go to work every day.

But thanks to a recent survey (thanks if you took part!) we know it serves a purpose for you guys; while Pact is a treat, supermarket coffee is filler, a cheaper way to bolster your supplies. We also get that we’ve got to work harder to take those guys on.

So that’s why we’re proud to be telling you about Pact's Damn Fine Coffee...

It’s a blend of two specialty grade, directly traded Central American coffees, dark roasted to create hints of toasted almonds, treacle and cocoa.

You can choose to receive Damn Fine Coffee every 14 or 28 days, alongside your regular deliveries*

Choose between two sizes - 250g for £5.95 and 500g for £10.95

*Damn Fine Coffee is sent via Royal Mail 48 hour delivery!

Fancy trying it?

Since Damn Fine Coffee is so new, we’re only offering it to existing Pact customers at the moment. As long as you’ve got a regular subscription delivery set up with us then you’ll be able to give our Damn Fine Coffee a whirl. If not, feel free to get in touch with our Customer Champions via ahoy@pactcoffee.com, to see how you can get hold of some.

Damn Fine Coffee is not currently integrated into your account page, but we're working on that! In the meantime if you need to make any changes, get in touch with our Customer Champions and we'll get that arranged for you.

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