My pods aren’t working as they should; why?


Do particular Nespresso machines work better than others?
Our pods are designed to be NespressoⓇ-compatible, however, some users have noted difficulties with specific models. Customers who own an Inissia, Citiz or ‘U’ machine in particular may experience some difficulties, such as very slow pouring or a stiff lever.

Some grinds went into the cup at the beginning, why is that?
In order to perfect the extraction - and ultimately the flavour - of Pact Pods, we had to find just the right size to grind the beans. Sometimes the grinder we use leaves a small amount of very fine particles that can get through the filter plate in your pod machine.

My pod ruptured, what should I do now?
Capsules expand when they come into contact with hot water under high pressure. In rare cases, this can separate the foil from the pod. If this happens, we recommend you run your machine a couple of times without a pod in it. This will help clear any coffee grinds away. If you experience this problem persistently, please get in touch with one of our Customer Champions.

My machine is overheating, how do I cool it down?
After preparing a few coffees in a short space of time, your machine may occasionally go into calibration mode with flashing lights. This is to let the machine cool down so your next coffee extracts at the perfect temperature. After a few minutes the blinking will stop and the machine will be ready to make another coffee.

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