What grind should I choose for my brew method?


Each brew method requires a specific grind size in order to achieve optimal coffee extraction and a truly delicious cup. If you’re wondering about the different grinds we use for varying brew methods, we stick by these general grinding rules:

  • Cafetière: coarse (seven to nine on the grinder).
  • Drip (V60): medium (five to seven on the grinder).
  • Stovetop: medium-fine (three to five on the grinder).
  • AeroPress: medium-fine (three to five on the grinder).
  • Espresso: fine (one to three on the grinder).

While these guidelines are what our Grindhouse use, we’re happy to make variations depending on your machine. If you brew your coffee differently to the above - for example, if you use a bean-to-cup, syphon or electric dripper - there’s no harm in contacting our Customer Champions to check which grind is best for your method.

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