How do I change my coffee frequency?


We know that some can't live without their daily coffee hit, while others prefer making a brew on the weekend. That's why at Pact, we believe that you should have the control to choose how often you get sent deliveries based on your coffee drinking habits.

Here's how you can set your deliveries, your way!


Set your frequency from every 3 to 45 days

If you find that your original frequency setting doesn’t quite fit your needs, you’re more than welcome to change it at any time! All you need to do is click the ‘Details’ button at the top right corner of your order and select ‘Change Preferences’. Here, you’ll see a sliding bar where you can adjust your frequency according to how many coffees you drink per week.

If you need to increase your frequency to any more than 28 days, feel free to drop our Customer Champions a request and they’ll be happy to adjust your frequency to a maximum of 60 days!

Need help choosing your frequency?

As an example, if you drink two cups of coffee per week, we suggest setting your frequency to one delivery every 28 days. If you drink a little more, say 14 cups of coffee per week, we'd suggest getting a delivery every 7 days - it really depends on your habits!

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