What is House Coffee?


If you ever decide to cancel all of your orders, you'll have the opportunity to sign up for House Coffee. 

House Coffee costs just £5 per bag, representing great value for money.  

As this is a more cost effective option, you won't have the same order preferences as you'd have with other coffees and as such cannot alter the frequency of the order (House Coffees will be sent out on the first Tuesday of every month). Additionally, the grind of your coffee will be based on your last recurring order. 

If you'd like to change your grind or cancel your House Coffee order, just get in touch with our Customer Champions and they'll be able to help.

Though it's slightly cheaper than other coffees, it's important to note that House Coffee is still high quality, specialty grade coffee sourced directly from a farm we work with, and dispatched within 7 days of being roasted to ensure freshness. 


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