The pods I’ve received are domed or a little puffy - is this normal?


That’s perfectly normal, and it’s down to how we roast our coffee - fresh! When coffee is roasted, it begins to naturally give off CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). This builds up inside some pods and makes the flat end puff up and look like a dome. For us, it’s a mark of freshness.

The more coffee is roasted, the more CO2 is produced, which at times can cause pressure issues inside pod machines once the hot water hits the coffee. As such, when possible we ‘de-gas’ our darker roasts for a few days, to let the CO2 leave the coffee naturally before we pack it. So as a result there may be instances where the Pact Pods you receive are puffier or less puffy than the last batch you got - and both will give you a delicious coffee!

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