Can I choose my favourite type of pod? Can I change things up?


When you set up a Plan with us to receive pods regularly and pick a coffee to start with, this will be the coffee that we send in each delivery.

At Pact, we like to keep things fresh, so you can choose a different coffee for your next order at any time by logging in and clicking the ‘Choose another coffee’ option. Simply click ‘Ship next’ on your favourite and you’ll be sipping happy in no time!

And if you did want to let variety spice up your orders, please pop us a message at and let us know you’d like us to randomise your coffee selection. Your Plan will then send you a different coffee every time. We’ll always let you know which one by sending you a notification email two days ahead of your next order’s dispatch, titled ‘Your next order is shipping on…’. In this email you can find the name of the next pod coffee we’ll be sending.

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