What coffees do I get on the Select Plan?


All of our coffee is specialty-grade 100% Arabica, and the Select Plan scores on average 85 out of 100 on a specialty grading scale.

On the Select Plan, you'll always have a choice of at least 5 different coffees from a range of roast profiles at any one time! The Select menu includes single origin beans and the occasional blend, giving you a variety of flavours to enjoy. The coffees on our menu vary throughout the year as we get new stock based off of harvest and supply.

Each coffee distinctly represents the farm from which it hails, offering depth and a definition of flavour. Our Select farmers are those that we have worked with over time. We know first-hand that they are dedicated to growing high-quality coffee. 

We pay on average 58% more than the Fairtrade price, per bag of Select Plan coffee sold, because their beans are worth it.

To see which coffees are available on the Select Plan, head to our Coffees page and check out the coffees not marked 'House' or 'Micro-lot'.

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