What are Micro-Lot coffees?


Micro-Lots are a masterclass in flavour. Our Head of Coffee, Will, calls them a coffee-buyer’s dream.

They hidden gems, grown by pioneers, in the top 1% of global coffee. Through our Micro-Lots we will bring you brand-new, freshly-discovered varieties, along with innovative processing techniques and award-winners that will blow you away. Expect perfectly balanced, complex flavours.

When you purchase a Micro-Lot coffee as part of a subscription, we'll grind it to your preference and send it out at the frequency you've opted for. You'll have full flexibility to amend your order up until midnight the night before it's due to ship. However, if you choose to order it as a one-off purchase (priced at £10.95), you'll need to choose your preferred grind size and we'll bill and ship your order out the same day (Monday-Friday) - please make sure you contact us immediately if you notice a mistake made with a one-off order!

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