What coffee do I get on the House Plan?


Our House Plan coffee is expertly-sourced from top coffee producers in Central and South America and blended by us in our Haslemere Roastery. It goes through the same standards of green coffee sorting, with one exception; we buy slightly smaller beans which we can’t include in the Select plan because they bring inconsistencies to the roast and taste profiles. Though it's slightly cheaper than other coffees, it's important to note that House Coffee is still high quality, specialty grade coffee sourced directly from a farm we work with, and dispatched within 7 days of being roasted to ensure freshness. Our House beans are 100% Arabica specialty grade, just like the rest of our range, and also carries our 7-day freshness guarantee (along with Select and Micro-Lot).

On the House Plan you can pick between House Coffee, which is carefully roasted to a dark roast profile to create a rich and consistent cup, and blended to maintain similar chocolatey flavour notes all year round, or the House Espresso which is a slightly darker roast for that perfect strong espresso shot.

We pay at least 25% more than the Fairtrade price to support farmers who are working hard to grow better coffee, per bag of coffee sold in the House Plan.

To read more about the flavour notes of House Plan coffees, check out the House Coffee and House Espresso on our Coffees page.

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