What coffees do I get on the Micro-Lot Plan?


On the Micro-lot Plan, you'll have a choice of 2 different coffees from this very special high-quality range. All of Pact's coffee is specialty-grade 100% Arabica, and Micro-lot always scores at least 86 out of 100 on a specialty grading scale. 

These hidden gems, grown by pioneers, are in the top 1% of global coffee. Through our Micro-Lots we will bring you brand-new, freshly-discovered varieties, along with innovative processing techniques and award-winners that will blow you away.

The term 'Micro-lot' refers to the fact that these coffees are produced in very limited small lots, or batches - not only does this mean that every Micro-lot coffee is one of its kind, but that it's unique in its production, with only a limited run. As such you'll see some truly unique and different flavour notes cropping up in this range that isn't typical of Select and House. Micro-lot coffees will feature on our menu for short periods of time as our supply is small, so it's unlikely that you will receive the same coffee twice on your Micro-lot Plan, and will always be able to try something new.

You can choose between a Micro-lot coffee of a medium roast, recommended for filter methods for this roast profile, or a darker roast recommended for espresso brewing!

We pay on average 127% above the Fairtrade price, per bag sold, for our Micro-Lot coffee.

To see what's currently available in this range, head to our Coffees page and look out for the Micro-lot labelled coffees.

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