How do I change my address?


We've made some big changes to our website this week. In order to change your address, if on your PC - Once logged into your account click on the left hand side on 'Your Addresses' - You can 'Add a new Address' here. Just make sure to head back to the Plan that you'd like to update with the new address (so your coffee doesn't get lost!) Head back to 'Your Coffee Plans' > Amend > Change > choose the new address you've just added. And that's it, your Plan has been updated with your new address.

If you're on your phone, once logged in, you can make these changes by clicking on the 'person' symbol in the top right hand corner. But instead of having 'Your addresses' in the drop down menu if you head to 'Your coffee Plan' > Amend > Address > Change > New Address, you'll be able to add a new address there and this will be updated on your Plan. 




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