Pod troubleshooting - how to get the best from your pods!


I’ve put the pod in my lever machine, but I’m having trouble pushing down the lever!

Like with all pods, Pact Pods should be gently dropped into the machine, until it is no longer sticking out of the chamber. Once it’s safely in, you can then ease down the lever to lock the pod into place inside the machine. You shouldn’t need any more pressure easing down the lever than you would pressing down a cafetiere’s plunger - don’t force it or you may have a damaged machine on your hands!

I’ve pressed the brew button on my machine, but some water dripped out before the coffee did?

Some machines can occasionally see water drip out of the machine just before the coffee does when brewing a pod. You’ll be glad to know that this does not damage your machine and also does not make your coffee any weaker, and it will still yield a delicious shot.

I’ve had a few coffees from Pact Pods, but it looks like my machine leaks water as a result. How can I avoid this?

This isn’t a malfunction, and your machine isn’t leaking! There are occasions where a few drops of water leak inside the chamber in the machine, particularly on automatic models such as the Prodigio. This is due to the seal used on our current design of Pact Pods, and the piercing mechanism inside. The water falls into the hidden back of the drip tray (the container below the brewer that catches any drips of coffee), which is why the tray can fill up more quickly than you’re used to.

We’re working on fixing this, so that you don’t have to worry about water going elsewhere other than your cup. But in the meantime, it’s a great idea to empty your drip tray as often as you brew to keep things spick and span.

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