What is Direct Trade?


We're incredibly proud to source our coffees via Direct Trade because it means better coffee for you and a better deal for farmers too.

Put simply, Direct Trade means that our Head of Coffee, Will, travels the world, sampling hundreds of coffees, choosing only the best beans for our menu - but there's more to it than that. By buying directly from farmers, we cut out middlemen in the supply chain, which lets us pay farmers more for the exceptional quality of their coffees. In fact, we've made a promise to always pay at least 25% over than Fairtrade prices, although it's usually more like 50% more.

Another great benefit to being Direct Trade, is that we work closely with our growers, forming long-lasting relationships. We’re just as committed to coffee quality as our farmers are, so finding ways to improve their farming practices is important to us. Something as simple as helping them invest in new machinery can increase coffee quality, allowing farmers to earn more in the future. It also means your favourite coffees will return to our menu year after year.

You can learn more about Direct Trade and our efforts to help farmers invest in their farms and workers by visiting our Blog

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