Why is Pact a subscription?


In our experience, coffee is something that people hate running out of. So when our Founder, Stephen, launched Pact in 2012, everything was centred around making sure that our customers never run out of coffee.

Playing devil’s advocate, you might say that sending out a load of sacks would solve that problem. But since coffee tastes best when it’s fresh, Pact operates in the way it does. Our coffee is sent within a week of being roasted and it’s ground (if you want it to be) the same day it’s sent out.

Although Pact is a recurring order service, we’ve made sure it isn’t a rigid type of service and therefore you can cancel, permanently pause, reschedule, delay or even bring forward deliveries to suit your needs - managed through your account page. We’ll email you 48 hours before we send out your coffee, giving you the chance to make any necessary changes (up until midnight the day before your order is due to be shipped).

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