What is this ‘Invite code’ business?


Sharing's nice, but we think getting goodies for sharing is even nicer, and this is why we offer a viral sharing program for our existing customers.

Look for your unique sharing code under the 'Refer a friend' tab on the left-hand side of your account page. You can email your code to your friends, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or you can just spread it by word of mouth! When a friend uses your unique code during sign-up, not only will they receive £5 off their first order, you'll get £5 off your next bag, too!

NB: Your viral voucher won’t appear as credit on your account, but we’ll send you an email with details of your friend’s referral to give you a heads up. If you think your friend might have used your code but you haven’t received an email confirmation, feel free to submit a Request with your friend’s name and email address and we’ll do a little investigating!


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