Is your coffee Fairtrade certified?


Our coffee is not Fairtrade certified, but that’s okay. We should make it clear that we think Fairtrade do some great work in the commodity coffee market, but specialty coffee is just a different kettle of fish! Fairtrade guarantees a minimum price for farmers' coffee beans (and a social premium for the community) but they can’t guarantee the quality of the beans.

We're constantly scouring the globe for the best small-batch coffees available. We can guarantee that all of our coffee is bought at a higher price than Fairtrade, because we promise to pay our growers at least 25% more for great quality beans. What’s more, if we like the farmers’ coffee, we will return year after year to buy their harvest. This fosters strong and long-lasting relationships with the farmers and enables increased economic security.

To find out more about Direct Trade, you can visit our blog post about it here Here.

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