Do you sell decaf coffee and what decaffeination process do you use?


We do! Our sign-up process gives you the option to choose either caffeinated coffee or a decaffeinated option as part of our Select Plan. If you already have an account and would like to try our decaffeinated option, simply click ‘Change’ on your current Plan, and then when asked 'Would you like regular or decaf?' select the decaf option.

We don't yet have decaf available for the House or Micro-Lot plans but we're working on it!

We use the CO2 method to decaffeinate our coffee. After the cherries are washed, the green coffee beans are brought into contact with pressurised, liquid carbon dioxide. The CO2 is circulated through the coffee, drawing the caffeine out of the bean. An evaporation stage separates the caffeine from the CO2, leaving them with just 0.01% caffeine. This process is repeated until the the beans are decaffeinated. The coffee is then gently dried until it reaches the original moisture content and ready for export and roasting.

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