Why don’t you provide strength ratings for your coffees?


When supermarkets talk about ‘strength’, chances are they are referring to how dark the coffee is roasted, not its caffeine hit. Supermarket coffees tend to be roasted a lot darker than ours - on the supermarket scale, our lighter roasted coffees are about a two or three, so if you’re used to drinking darker coffees, we’d recommend you choose our espresso roasts. Although it has ‘espresso’ in its name, this is an indication of its roast level. This means that our espresso coffees can be used with any brew method, not just espresso machines!

We often receive emails from our customers requesting a ‘stronger’ coffee, however, how strong a coffee tastes really depends on how the coffee is brewed. For those who would like something with a little more punch (especially if you use a Hario V60, cafetiere or AeroPress), we usually recommend increasing the brew time, reducing the grind size and changing the coffee-to-water ratio. If you get stuck, you are always welcome to get in touch with our Customer Champions, pop us a line to ahoy@pactcoffee.com

We've revamped our pods range and now include strength ratings for those - check out our pods options here

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