How do I pause my Plan?


We have great flexibility at Pact that gives you the control over how and when you receive your coffee! If you would like to take a break for a while (we all need a break from the good things in life!) you have the option to permanently pause your Plan.

If you’d like to pause a particular Plan you can do this in 'Your Coffee Plans' once logged into your Pact account.

When you log into your account on a PC, you’ll see on the left hand side on your account > Your Coffee Plans > Edit Plan > Pause Plan and you're all set. You'll receive a confirmation email that your Plan is paused and the Plan will remain dormant until you choose to unpause. It just means all your Plan preferences are kept and you can get going again at a click of a button!

If you're on your phone, once logged in, you can make these changes by clicking on the 'person' symbol in the top right hand corner. You'll find below this symbol your active Coffee Plans by clicking on Your Account > Your Coffee Plans > Edit Plan > Pause Plan and you're all set

Just remember if you have multiple Plans, you'll need to pause them separately - otherwise we'll keep sending you fresh coffee!




















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