How do I buy a Pact Coffee gift?


What better way to show a loved one you care than buying them a Pact gift voucher?

It’s pretty simple to share the Pact love! All you need to do is visit our website, choose the credit amount you’d like to gift and enter all the relevant information.

Once they receive their voucher code, they’ll need to sign up for a Pact account and after entering their name and email address click on the 'I have a voucher' button to be able to enter their code at the chekcout which is in format GIFT-XXXXX-XXXXX. Once they've set up a new Plan and set their coffee preferences, frequency and delivery details, we'll begin to send their coffee as often as they want it. Once their voucher is running low we'll send them an email to let them know and if they want to add a payment card to their account to continue with their orders they can do so.

If the recipient is an existing Pact customer, they should contact our Customer Champions for the team to link the voucher to their account.

Please note: Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed against purchases in the Pact Shop or one-off coffee orders.

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