How do I recycle my pods?


How do I recycle my used pods?

There are only a few steps to recycling your pod from the moment it drops into the disposal container.

  1. Open the pod by peeling back the perforated foil on the flat end (we use a teaspoon to break into this)
  2. Empty the used coffee grinds into a food waste or compost bin
  3. Rinse or wipe the pod to clean it out
  4. Stack up several used pods -  until taller than a tin can - and give the stack a little squeeze, to bend the aluminium and lock them together. This ensures that no capsule is missed during sorting.

Once the stack of pods is locked together, they can be disposed of wherever aluminium is accepted for recycling - be it your kerbside collection or at a recycling point (such as at supermarkets and retail parks).

Most UK recycling facilities are currently unable to recycle materials that contain a large amount of food waste, so as fresh as the coffee grinds inside the pod are, they do just need that empty-and-rinse before disposal to ensure that they will be recycled into the next stage of their life!

We’ve included all of this information on an infographic printed on the inside of all pod delivery boxes to make things convenient once the coffee arrives with you, too.

To find out if you can recycle your pods at kerbside, just contact your local council about your options.



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