How do I change my grind size?


If you’re thinking of experimenting with a different brew method, we applaud you! We think it’s always nice to mix things up once in a while.

To change your grind to suit your brew method, once logged into your account on a PC click on the left hand side on 'Your Coffee Plans' > Amend > Grind > Change. Here, you'll see a bunch of cute little icons describing the different brew methods and the corresponding grinds we offer - click the one you’d like to try next and you’ll be on your way to trying something new! (see video below)

If you're on your phone (see images below), once logged in, you can make these changes by clicking on the 'person' symbol in the top right hand corner. You'll find below the symbol 'Your Account' > 'Your coffee Plans' > 'Amend' > Grind > Change. And that's it!

From your phone:







From a PC / Laptop:



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