I'd like more variety on my Espresso Plan


When setting up your Plan we have two main options for you to receive the coffee you love  you love the most - Filter or Espresso. 

Once you've chosen either the Filter or Espresso route, on all three of our Plans, they'll be more of a selection available on the Filter route. 

With our Espresso route we'll have two available on our 'Select' Plan, one on our 'Microlot' Plan and one on our 'House' Plan. But the good news, if you would like more variety as a one off, you can always hit 'Change' until 'Coffee' from your Plans page and you can select any of our Espresso or Filter options. 

Or, to make it more permanent you can switch to the Filter route by clicking on 'Change' in the right hand corner of your Plan, then 'Change' again in Coffee Details. This will run you through the options of your Plan and you can select Filter.

When your next order rolls around, it’s a good idea to pop into your account and check if the coffee that’s ordered tickles your fancy. If not, it’s easy to change it, once logged into your account click on the left hand side on 'Your Coffee Plans' > Amend > Next Coffee > Change > Choose This for which coffee you'd like. Make sure to hit Update at the end.

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