Why are my pods now differently-shaped to what I used to receive from you?


As times change and pods get more popular, the compatibility and function of Nespresso machines changes, too. We wanted to make our pods as accessible and as compatible as possible so that everybody can enjoy freshly-roasted, directly-sourced speciality coffee in all its different formats, so after feedback from our customers here at Pact and many tests, we’ve picked this aluminium casing which is designed to work in a much wider range of machines. Aluminium also has an excellent oxygen barrier, keeping the coffee fresher on its way to you.

We want to do our bit to be kind to the environment as we know many of our customers do too, so we’ve opted for an aluminium casing on our pods too. Unlike plastic, aluminium is infinitely recyclable, so  once the pods have been opened and emptied of coffee, simply pop them in the recycling bin!

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