What coffee will I get on my Pods Plan?


We’re kicking things off with 4 different coffees, with a range of roasts and flavour profiles. These are currently:

Umurage (Rwanda) - roast strength 4/10, Raspberry and cream flavour notes

Matazano (Honduras) - roast strength 6/10, Apricot and nectarine flavour notes

Buenos Aires (Colombia) - roast strength 7/10, Milk chocolate, plum, walnut flavour notes

Sertao (Brazil) - roast strength 9/10, Dark chocolate, cherry and almond flavour notes

Mixed Box - for all 4 coffees in one delivery (not available in a trial pack)


We’ve tried our best to translate our coffees’ qualities into a strength rating out of 10, which reflects a combination of how dark it’s been roasted, and the boldness of the flavour notes you can expect from them.

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