What's the best-before on your coffee? How long will it stay fresh?


We love fresh coffee - so we send it out within 7 days of roasting, to get you brewing up only the freshest and best every time!

Because our coffee is a fresh product with nothing added and nothing taken away, we don’t use any preservatives or additives on our coffee to keep it fresh for longer, so it’s recommended to enjoy your coffee within 6 weeks of the roast for ground coffee, or within 2 months for wholebean. You can tell when your coffee was roasted by the ‘Roasted on’ date that’s printed on the label of every bag of Pact.

Beyond this point, your coffee won’t go bad, however it will go stale and lose its fresh flavours, and won’t taste as delicious as we’d want it to be for you.

If you have any questions about changing your order or your frequency to get that fresh coffee landing with you at just the right time, please contact the Customer Champions team at ahoy@pactcoffee.com 

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