SCA - Strong Customer Authentication


What is SCA?

As of the 14th September 2019, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) has become a regulatory requirement. SCA is a new way for your bank to verify your identity and validate specific payment instructions - all to reduce fraud, and make your online payments more secure. To find out more about this directly from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) please click here for more information.

What does it mean for me?

The SCA requirements is something that applies to all transactions between the bank and the receiver of the payment. However we do not expect that ALL transactions will need to be SCA authorized. There are exemptions applied. However, the SCA authorization can happen anytime your bank decides to not apply the exemption for the required transaction. It will not be a 1-time authorization. The bank could ask, in theory, for every transaction to be SCA authorized, this will be totally dependent on particular banks and the controls they have put in place that will vary between each bank.

How will it affect my orders?

Fear not, we're at hand to help make sure it all runs like clockwork as you're used to! With these new SCA authorized steps in place we need to make sure there is no delay to your coffee order! We will advise you on 'Your next order is shipping on..' email that payment for your next Pact Coffee delivery will be held until your order is shipped while your bank authorizes your payment card. While it’s held, those funds won’t be available to you. If you need them, you can delay or pause your order and they’ll be released back into your account. How quickly this is returned will also be totally dependent on your bank but it is usually from immediately up to 3 working days.

What if pre-authorization fails?

If this happens, don't worry, we will let you know right away! You will receive an email from Pact with the Subject - Pact Coffee Update: please authenticate your payment card (So please look out for this and you'll know this is genuinely from us). We will ask you in the email to click on the button 'Authenticate my card' which will take you straight to your account to do so. Once on your account you'll need to resubmit your card details to verify that it's you. Next, your bank will send a unique verification code (usually by text) for you to enter. And after that, you’re good to go! Your next order will then leave as it was scheduled to. If we don't receive a successful authentication request from you it will mean your next delivery is delayed and we'll send you a few reminder emails to do this (we don't want you to be under caffeinated after all!)


What if I am unable to authenticate my card?

If you receive a notification on your account that we have been unable to authenticate your card it is best to contact your bank. Please note until the authentication is successful your order will not be shipped.

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