How do I redeem a Gift Voucher?


Lucky you being given a lovely Gift Voucher and we shall help with getting you all set up!

If you're an existing Pact customer, our Customer Champions will just need to add any vouchers to your Pact Account for you. If you get in touch via our website and the 'contact us' link or email with your unique Gift Voucher code starting'GIFT-XXXXX-XXXXX' they will then link the voucher to your Pact Account. 

If you're new to Pact - welcome! All you'll need to do is head over to the Pact website and click on 'Create a Coffee Plan' - once you've created your Plan and set up all your details, at the checkout you'll have the option to add your unique Gift Voucher starting 'GIFT-XXXXX-XXXXX' before completing your first order.


NB: Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed against purchases in the Pact Shop or one-off coffee orders, they are only for Pact Coffee Plans. 


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