Editing your Plan and account details

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You can access and manage all your details and preferences by logging into your account area.


On the side menu you can find several sections. You can select each of these to edit the following Plan and account details:


Upcoming Orders

  • Change when your coffee is being sent to you.
  • Change which coffee you will receive next.
  • Manage your filters and other add ons.


Your Plans

  • Switch to a different menu (House, Select, Micro-Lot).
  • Choose between filter, espresso or decaf coffee (decaf is only available on the Select Plan).
  • Update your frequency, grind and address.
  • Manage your filters and other add ons.
  • Pause or cancel your Plans.


Account Details

  • Here you can update your contact details, such as name, email, phone and password. 
  • Update or add a new card in ‘billing details’.
  • Browse your ‘order history’.
  • Check your account credit and redeem vouchers and promo codes.

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