Is it a strong dark roast or is it over-roasted beans?

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The honest truth is that coffee 'strength' is a bit of a marketing myth. Usually what this relates to is how dark the beans have been roasted, with higher 'strength' often meaning over-roasted beans.

Think of over-roasting beans like a piece of toast. If you lightly toast a piece of bread, you’d be able to tell the difference between say, a sourdough, and your average supermarket loaf. However if you burn that toast to a crisp, both bread types will inevitably end up tasting the same. Sadly, this has become standard practice in the coffee industry to the point where many people assume they enjoy dark, over-roasted coffee because that’s the norm offering.

This isn’t good for you or the farmer who produced the coffee. If you’re used to drinking darker roast coffees, we’d recommend choosing our espresso roasts, which can be used for any brew method. How strong a coffee tastes also depends on how it’s brewed – for a little more punch we usually recommend increasing brew time, reducing grind size and changing the coffee to water ratio.