Interested in our famous Hario V60 kit?

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The Hario V60 Brew Kit is an iconic piece of brewing equipment that makes brewing a quality cup of coffee super-easy - and in just 3 minutes flat too!

The kit includes:
• 1x plastic V60
• 1x measuring scoop
• 40 filter papers
• Step-by-step brew guide

We appreciate that some customers may be discouraged that the V60 Brew Kit is made of plastic (BPA-free polypropylene) but rest assured, it is designed to be infinitely reusable with many of our customers going on to use it for several years.

We’ve found the plastic version of the V60 to be the overall best for coffee brewing. Its thermoplastic construction allows it to hold temperatures extremely well throughout the brewing process - keeping your brew hotter while it’s still dripping through. It also pre-heats very quickly and is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for travel.

We feature the plastic V60 Brew Kit as part of a popular sign-up offer. Those that would rather steer clear of plastic altogether will be pleased to know that we also have a number of sign-up offers that entitle new customers to discounts on their coffee plan, rather than a free V60. Please reach out to our team at if you are new to Pact and wish to explore alternative sign-up offers. If you’re still in the market for a V60, we also offer a range of ceramic and metal V60s in our store.

For top tips on achieving brewing perfection, check out our Brew Guides.