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Recycling Pact Coffee Bags

When it comes to recyclable packaging, we have good and bad news.

Presently, our paper bags are recyclable in some areas, but not fully. Please check with your local council for options.

We know it may be frustrating to learn we don't currently have fully recyclable packaging - believe us when we say we are equally frustrated! Up until recently, we struggled to find a recyclable solution which guaranteed the freshness and quality of our coffee remained intact.

A solution is in the post!

We're pleased to say that we've made huge progress this year, and we're expecting to switch over to a fully recyclable plastic bag by the end of 2021.

We investigated compostable bags as these are now becoming popular on the market, but unfortunately this type of bag needs to be commercially composted, and not all councils offer food waste recycling so we decided an easily recyclable bag was a more accessible route for a sustainable solution to our packaging issues. Whilst we appreciate packaging free is always the better alternative, as a mail order subscription we hope this will be a major improvement to our sustainability credentials.

Recyclable pouch trial

We are currently conducting a recyclable pouch trial with the view to roll this out at the end of 2021. These pouches might look and feel a little different, but we promise it's the same delicious coffee inside. If you have received one of these pouches, read on for recycling information.

Our new recyclable pouches are 100% LDPE, which will be recycled by your local authority if they collect "plastic film." If your local authority recycles bread bags, they'll take this pouch.

Recycling your pouch is easy. When your coffee has run out, simply ensure there are no coffee grounds left inside the pouch, remove the sticky label and place it with the rest of your recycling.

In the event that your local authority doesn't accept this material, please check for recycling locations.

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