Don't Like My Coffee

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What if I don’t like my coffee?

Our coffee menu is ever-changing, with a variety of different roast and flavour profiles for you to choose from. We hope this means there’ll always be something available that you’ll enjoy.

However, we understand that not all of our coffees will be to everyone’s taste. So, if you ever receive a coffee that’s not quite right, we’ll send you a replacement to try, free of charge. We call it our Pact Promise.

The Pact Promise

In the event you don’t like your coffee, get in touch with our team of Customer Champions at

Our Customer Champions love to help and will be more than happy to have a chat to understand your personal tastes better and pop a delicious alternative in the post for you to try. They’re fountains of coffee knowledge, so ask them for brewing tips too- should you need them!

Need some extra help achieving brewing perfection? Take a look at our Brew Guides.

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