Plan order add-ons

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You can easily choose to add items, such as a Hario V60 dripper or AeroPress paper filters, to your orders:


1. Log into your account.

2. In the ‘upcoming orders’ section, find the order you would like to add an item to.

3. Click on the grey box on the right of your coffee

4. Select which item you would like to add.

5. Select if you want to add it to your current order only or to future orders too.

6. Click ‘confirm'.

7. You can see the full list of items again by clicking on ‘see all add ons’.

You can also choose to include any of these items as a one-off or give them their own frequency so they are automatically sent with your coffee whenever you need them. If you choose for your add ons to be delivered this way, they can also be managed from 'your Plans', directly from the Plan they are tied to.

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