How do I recycle my coffee bags?

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We're super proud to confirm that our carbon-neutral coffee bags are fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.


How to recycle your coffee bags

It will depend on which area of the country you live in whether you'll need to take your empty coffee bags to your local recycling point (usually your closest supermarket) for recycling along with other carrier bags, or whether you can pop them in your general recycling bin - not the cardboard bin, this would be your plastics and glass bin.

Each area of the UK offers different recycling, so please check your postcode on the website below to see what your area allows:

Our new bags are made from recycled (and recyclable) #4 LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene materials, so you’ll want to choose 'plastic bags' on the link above to see if you can recycle this in your area.

The recycled material in the bags is repurposed plastic made from certified Global Recycling Standard (GRS) Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) LDPE. This content is made up of things like supermarket carrier bags, poly bags and anything that was classed as LDPE in a previous life.


The positive impact of our new packaging

Our new packaging partners, Grounded Packaging, and their This Bag Saves initiative support the collection of recycled plastic waste in Indonesia and the Philippines. For 2023, our orders from Grounded alone will remove an estimated 33,465 bottles from our oceans. If you'd like to learn more, you can check out their Environmental Impact Report here.

By switching to Grounded packaging, we've cut our carbon footprint by 58% compared to our previous packaging!